Yesterday I installed VS 2008 to try to get my things working on it. It gaves me a lot of errors while trying to compile my introsystem but after a while I got it working

The problem on that point was that after generate the final .exe file, it didn’t work with kkrunchy (from ryg) compressor giving me the following error:

ERROR: files with exports or tls data are not supported

I started to go throw all the options of the compiler/link again and luckily I got it working.

Here you can see the options I’ve used. I just included the ones I’ve changed from the original template that VS generate for a simple Win32 project.

You can grab the base project source from here

  • C/C++
    • General:
      • Debug information format: ```Disabled``
    • Optimization:
      • Optimization: Maximize Speed (/O2)
      • Inline Functions Expansion: Only _inline (/Ob1)
      • Enable Intrinsics Functions: Yes (/Oi)
      • Favor size or speed: Favor Fast Code (/Ot)
      • Omit Frame Pointers: Yes (/Oy)
    • Code generation:*
      • Runtime Library: Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)
      • Struct member alignment: 1 Byte (/Zp1)
      • Buffer security Check: No (/GS-)
      • Floating point model: Fast (/fp:fast)
    • Language:*
      • Enable Run-Time Type Info: NO (/GR-)
    • Advanced:*
      • Calling convention: __fastcall (/Gr)
    • Command line:*
      • Additional options: /QIfist
  • Linker*
    • Input:*
      • Ignore all default libraries: Yes (/NODEFAULTLIB)
    • Manifest file:*
      • Generate Manifest: No
    • Debugging:*
      • Generate Debug Info: No
      • Generate map file: Yes (/MAP)
    • Optimization:*
      • Optimize for Windows98: No (/OPT:NOWIN98)
    • Advanced:
      • Base Address: 0x6000000
      • Randomize Base Address: Disable Image Randomization (/DYNAMICBASE:NO)