When you need to give support to a computer user the best way is to create a remote connection to his computer.

I usually use VNC, but even having it installed on the final user, it could be so hard to explain how to find out the IP to create the connection.

…Close to the clock in the bottom right it should be an VNC icon, please put the mouse over for a while and they’ll appear some numbers…

…Ok go to the Start menu, click “Run” and after write “cmd” in the textbox. It will appear a black screen, type “ipconfig” and click enter, now copy the numbers…

It’s easy to imagine how people with low level in computers could be lost when you ask them to do those tasks.

So I just wanted to create a page where you could simply watch your IP without advertisement or funny stuff that could disturb the user. It’s just a simple $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].

But many times I need to help my parents throw messenger and I just wanted to make it even easier for them so I just created a simple page where you can just copy a generated URL and paste to them.

They’ll click and it will appear on their screen just the text “OK!”, after that you could click on “Get the IP!” button (AJAX Coming soon :)) and you’ll get their IP address.

Simple but quite effective and effortless :)

You can see and use it here