Once I read that lazy people usually write just two type of posts: To say that they’ll start writing again more often, and to say they’ve changed their blog’s framework.

Well… I admit I’m here for both reasons.

I’ve been doing some interesting projects since my last posts and I wanted to write something about them, but my blog system was just so hardcoded that I didn’t feel like using it anymore. I coded it on 2008 and I believe it was the first webapp I did. I still like the style but I just wanted to renew it.

Old website

I saw a great oportunity to learn new tools, so I made it using:

Regarding the projects, I know it’s not a good idea to keep old or ugly projects in your portfolio that you won’t like to do again. But as I get several visits and comments to the old ones I’ll just leave them there so they could be useful for someone, even If I feel quite shame for some of them.

That’s all, I hope you like it! :)