I’m working healthcare software focused on radiology. I’ve tried many radiology images viewers, recently they’re moving from the desktop to the web but all of them have something in common: you need to install something: java, activex, flash, … So I decided to give a try to the HTML5 technologies and create a fully pluginless viewer.


The main problem with medical images is that they’re stored in DICOM format. Basically is a binary format which metadata refering the patient data, study parameters, … following by a 16 bit image data. Due to those 16 bits per pixel the best way to manage it is to download the whole image in DICOM format and process it directly on the client side to render the final 8 bpp image. Right now I’m developing the standard 2D manipulation tools, but I would like to try some 3D postprocessing in the future (Using mrdoob’s three.js probably).

The main drawbacks I’ve found using html5 is the differences between browsers of the webworker standard. Specially while communicating with the main thread using postMessage. I hope they (ffox) will fix this in the future :)