Last days I decided to get a new toy :) (I really deserved it). The toy is the amazing Samsung Galaxy S with the, more amazing even, Android OS.

I should confess I’m quite impress with the usability of this device. Just plug in your computer and copy your files, pdf, docx, pptx, mp3, avi (divx). You dont need any disgusting software (itunes) or any converter for those file formats, just really plug and play.

And speaking about the phone itself, it’s quite beautiful, lightweight and the screen is very big and with bright colours (AMOLED 4”). It has also quite good perfomance as you can see on this video compared with HTC Desire and Nexus One. Using this phone I’ve change my feelings while using other Android phones from: “Yeah… it’s good, it’s almost similar than iphone” to: “Omg, iphone is crap”.

Anway the most interesting part, and the main reason why I bought it, is to code something for it, so I’ve just found few books and I’ll try to make something funny with it!!.

Samsung galaxy S