Finally I’ve managed to finish the application I’ve working last weeks. It’s a simple metronome that I started for two reasons: I wanted to try audio programming in Android and I really needed one for my guitar lessons

First thing I did, obviously, it was to try to find any suitable metronome on the market, but as I commented in my previous post usually the android audio-apps suffer from some kind of lag. That latency maybe it’s not a real problem a game, but for a metronome it makes the application just useless.

I used some tricks I’ve used in demoscene while coding my softsynth and finally I got it working properly.

The next step after having the engine working it was to try to create a comfortable and nice looking interface (Thanks for the advices).

Perfectmetronome interface

I just finished with few details such as choosing from different soundbanks, allowing to increase/decrease automatically the BPM, allow to store tracks presets and songs probably the hardest part due to the amount of UI interface needed to manage the songs and tracks and because I was absolutly newbie on sqlite.

Here you can see a more detailed info about this application called Perfect Metronome I know… it could sounds very arrogant but I was just so excited when I got it working :)

Anyway here are the codes for the lite version (1 minute playing limitation) and the payed one (0.80€):

Following you can see four recordings of three metronomes from Android Market and Perfect Metronome. All the recording were done at 120BPM and without any other process running to see the lag effect I pointed before.

Steady tempo comparison