So long time since last post :) I tried to avoid the typical “this year i’ll make blablabla” that bloggers use to post first weeks of January, so I preferred to wait for something more interesting to say

I’m still coding for fun as usual, doing some little android stuff and so on… but if there’s something that I love as much as code or even more is music!

I use to play guitar and I wanted to record some songs with somehow quality (Sadly just recording quality but not playing :P). So I to present to myself (I love myself so much) a very nice recording pack: Presonus 1 box (Thank you for advice me).

Presonus audiobox

It cames with everything you need to record: a very nice soundcard with 2 microphone/line inputs with Phantom 48V, large condenser microphone, and monitor headphones.

Along with that hardware, it also includes a license of Studio one software which I found very very easy to use and intuitive.

Not so much to say, just recorded few test, you can try them on the music section where you could find the difference between my old microphone and the new one :)