It has been two months without writing anything in here. It was a very busy & stress period and even if not over, I hope at least it will go decreasing in the next months.

I’ve many nice news for this new year, and looks very promising in both personal and professional ways.

I really believe that detailed planning of your whole year life period won’t work at the end and aims like, “I’ll keep fit, I’ll study more, I’ll join English lessons, I’ll learn how to do {put something here},…“ and even more when you’re not in a somehow stable situation, about job, place to live, studies, etc.

But I believe it’s good to take a time to think about what you would like to be after a while and put you some real and interesting objectives taking into considerations your position and your current abilities to reach them.

I think due to my IT & engineer education I’ts very hard for me not to try to plan everything like in a real project instead of just leave them to start and end by themselves.

But I’ll give a try, I will take only few ones. I just wish to help somehow to start them and let’s see how is going :)

I’ll take time to show my progress here :)