Fernando Serrano

My name is Fernando Serrano and I was born in Fernán-Núñez, a little town in Córdoba, in the South of Spain.

I am an IT Engineer working on the healthcare division of Siemens. I am responsible for a wide range of healthcare solutions: EMR, RIS, DWL, PACS, Integrations with HL7, DICOM, CDA, IHE. I have contributed with the design and implementation of several full stack web apps to support the professionals in the hospital and provide a better patient care. Lately I have been focusing more on frontend development.

I have a wide range of coding skills but in my spare time I love experimenting with real-time graphics and audio, in C++ and DirectX/OpenGL in the past, and WebGL and WebVR these days. I also enjoy creating tools for artists and designing user interfaces and user experience for them. I have worked with different UI frameworks like: MFC, Windows Forms, wxWidgets, QT, HTML 5… I am available for consulting work in this area.

I love to learn new technologies so I keep myself up to date continuously. Apart from digging into new languages, frameworks and other development stuff, I also like reading about Science, healthcare advances, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, etc.

I’m a passionate about learning, I confess I’m addicted to MOOCs like Coursera, Udacity, Codeschool or similar.

When I’m not in front of a computer, there is a big chance I’ll be playing my flamenco guitar or taking some photos.

You can reach me via: