My name is Fernando Serrano and I was born in Fernán-Núñez, a little town in Córdoba. Currently I live in Málaga, in the South of Spain, with my wonderful wife and my three demons kids.

I am an experienced software engineer with a keen ability for software development and leadership of technical teams.

I worked on the Mixed Reality Team at Mozilla, pushing the WebGL and WebXR web and previously I worked in healthcare imaging at Siemens and Fujitsu.

I have a strong background in building real-time graphics applications, visual tools, interactive AR/VR experiences and games, and full-stack and cross-platform applications and libraries as well as designing and implementing reliable and high availability systems for critical environments like Hospitals.

When I'm not in front of a computer, there is a big chance I'll be playing my flamenco guitar (soundcloud, youtube).

You can reach me via: