Calendar template 2009


Calendar 2009 template made in photoshop fully customizable.

I use a lot table calendar, at office and at home. I prefer them to electronic ones. I like to paint on them, to make notes, to cross out the days, etc.

So this new year started and I still didn't find any table calendar so I decided to make it, and here is it!

It didn't spend long time to design it, I used pictures which I took some time ago and I used the same colour schema of this website.

The most tedious work was of course to arrange all the day numbers for each month. So maybe it could be useful for someone to take the template and just modify the design by himself (I really would like to see final results if you change it)

The pictures were made to be printed in a 10x15cms picture paper, even if they're ~10x12 (There's some space on the top so you can be able to bind them together). The best possibility is to fit 6 of them a A4 and with 2 pages you'll have whole calendar.

Editor in action ASCII Pretty view Editor in action ASCII Pretty view Pretty view Pretty view Pretty view Pretty view Pretty view Pretty view Pretty view

I've included both, english and spanish version. You can download the photoshop file, or all the monthes in png format ready to print.