Demoscene productions


Collection of my 64kb intros and realtime softsynth music

Demos and 64kb


July 2001 - Demo (11th @ Euskal 10)

My first incursion in the demoscene world. It happened during my first party (Euskal 10). I met the guys from Network and few hours before the deadline Nork came out with a funny idea of a dot growing and growing in the screen. So I just took Visual Studio and he prepared the music... that's all, funny joke for us maybe not for anyone else :)

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Xmastro 2k2

December 2001 - 64kb

After visiting my first party (Euskal 10) I wanted to create a demogroup. So I contacted Herotyc (Josep LlodrĂ¡) who I met during the development of the game Genoma (Foundation Dreams) and he looked very interested so we created our group Asynkro. The name came after choosing some random words, lack of synchronization, rebel 'k', and fancy way, tada!!! we got it!. Due to the lack of graphicians we didn't got anyone so I needed to take care about it.

After this we were so excited that we wanted to release a prod as soon as possible. It was really nice when we finished it and we uploaded to pouet. I was refreshing the browser every 5 seconds to see if someone put any comment,

I created a small introsys and basic texture generator and to play the music (module from Herotyc) I used minifmod.

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July 2003 - 64kb (4th @ Euskal 11)

After my first euskal party where I released powerpoint I didn't have so many time to make something cute so I decided to make another jokeprod, but this time with better technology and in 64kb. It features a really nice chipmusic from herotyc (.xm module) and a collection of clasical effects.

werwer sf sdf


November 2003 - 4kb (1th @ bcnparty 2003)

Few days before bcnparty I started to try to compile something suitable for 4kb. I managed four cans dancing but without music, so I tried to look for some base idea of how to code a small softsynth looking around free source code, finally I could include music but I needed to take out some quality in the cans because of the space required for the music.

It was made in C and ASM using Visual C++ 6.0 and NASM.

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We have Donsi

July 2004 - 64kb (4th @ euskal 12)

No time before euskal party 12 so another jokeprod. This time featuring my working in progress realtime softsynth with a music made by Wonder and Herotyc.

It was a joke trying to put some gags from Second Reality from Future Crew (including a cute texture from the atomic playboy) and We have molotov from MFX.

werwer sf sdf

Thisway 64k

April 2005 - 64kb (1th @ ifparty 2005)

Probably the most special production that I've made till now.

There're some history behind all of this...

My first party was Euskal 2002 were I met incredible nice people, and I could finally put faces to all those nicknames with whom I spent many time on the IRC. There I met for example the members of Stravaganza who released their winner demo "This way". I really enjoyed their work and apart from profesional they were become nice friends from the beginning. So it happened that after some time they commented me if I would like to join them for the intro division.

During this time I was working hard on some tools for 64kb intros. These tools included 3D Studio MAX geometry and animation exporter, realtime software synthetizer and texture generator. So I decided that could be great oportunity to test them trying to remake the demo "This way" that could fit into 64kb and to know if we could get this quality "easily".

So all this ended up as my welcome production to Stravaganza :_)

Technically was also great improvement from the last productions mainly because I got the tools "ready". The main code of the effect was converted from the demo version by me and Ithaqua.

Tekno made a great work recreating again some of the models used in the intro using few polygons. He and me used my texture generator and vectorial editor for made the textures and the background layers.

But the hardest work was for Wonder who needed to remake the whole song into my old unestable softsynth. For the lyrics I used the Ms Speech SDK and some filters to make it sound better.

werwer sf sdf


November 2005 - 64kb (1th @ bcnparty 2005)

Another 64kb remake of a demo. This time a production between Stravaganza and Threepixels.

I wanted to release something for bcnparty but due to the lack of inspiration I decided to remake this one.

I asked trace and he found the 3D models of the objects used in the original demo. So I started to work around them and creating the needed effects.

I remade the textures and layers using the same tool that thisway, and the music was made again by Wonder using my still unestable softsynth :)

It was really funny to make this intro and after finished I wanted to make a small joke so I added some small part from the beginning of the XPLSV demo r08080. But still after finishing this I added another joke congratulating PACMAN on his 25th birthday.

werwer sf sdf

32Kb executable music


May 2005 - 32kb exe music (Kindergarden 20005)

32kb executable music created by Wonder (Stravaganza) using my realtime softsynth.

Temple of decay

May 2005 - 32kb exe music (Kindergarden 20005)

Done by herotyc (Asynkro) using KSynth 2.0

Isthmus of Kra

May 2008 - 32kb exe music (1th @ inspire 2008)

Small contribution to the first edition of the Inspire Demoparty held in Errenteria (northen Spain).

It used my last version of my realtime softsynth featuring a really nice music from Herotyc created using Buzz.