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Phone app to share your pictures in crowed events like weddings, parties, conferences,...

Usually when you go to a big event (like a wedding, a concert, a conference, a club party, ...) you meet with many people and take plenty of pictures. The day after you realize how cool it was last night and how nice it could be to have all those pictures. But yout know it's a pain to try to contact everyone that was there and probably you don't know most of them.

The worst case is, in fact, when you know the people from the event and someone says "Let's create a whatsapp group so we could share the pictures tomorrow!", and there you go with your whatsapp full of groups like "Highschool meeting 2004", "Helloween Party", "Matt wedding",... without knowing how to get out from them.

Another even worst scenario is when the people start to add you on facebook and share your pictures.

And of course in both ways you'll get just some of the pictures and strongly compressed.

So how could you get all those pictures, in good quality, and without need to share your privacy or enter in any strange group? Easly: using meetpic :)

You could setup a meetpic event quite easily:

  • Register on meetpic website and create a new event, let's say your wedding.
  • On your wedding day just share the generated event code with your guest.
  • Your guests will use the code to join the event on their phones, but without sharing any personal information from them. The application will just ask for a name or nickname to identify themselves in the event.
  • Everyone will take pictures and upload to the event with their phone application.
  • People could "like" pictures and comment on them.
  • The administrator could censure any picture considered inapropiate.
  • During the event you could use the meetpic webapp to create a automatic slideshow from your pictures.
  • The day after that you could download all the pictures in good quality, and also let your guests to download them.

That's it, simple and yet useful and easy to setup. In fact I used it on my wedding including the slideshow and it was quite fun.

The phone application was done using HTML5 and Cordova to compile the app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The UI uses JQuery and JQuery UI and backend was developed on PHP with Yii framework.

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