Old Games


Old Games and prototypes

3D Tris

My first game done in OpenGL/C++ was the classic Tetris. I was quite proud of the hardcoded introductory animation.

2D Cars

I've always liked car physics and 2D games (GTA 2, Micromachines, ...).

So I started to play around car physics, collision detection, terrain based friction and so on. Although this little OpenGL/C++ prototype wasn't finished it was quite fun to develop and to play with.

Genoma project

Genoma was a strategy game based on Age of Empires or Starcraft.

In the game you're the last human on an earth full of robots and other creatures. Your mission is to decypher the human's genome and to find out how to generate new humans.

In game 3D Prototype 3D Prototype



Eguin was a adventure game based on the popular Myst. As in that game the 3D scenes were pre-rendered.