Pico8 WebXR

WebXR, javascript, three.js

Play pico8 games in your browser in VR!

Pico8 Doom fire


I have always been fascinated by the pico8 community. The amount of cool demos and games is amazing and I keep playing some of them like the original Celeste. I even started playing with pico8 myself in my spare time.

So I thought it could be great to be able to play all these games in VR as if you had a big squared screen.

I created a three.js application with WebXR support and load few carts to let you play with them:

How does it work?

  • The selected pico8 cart is loaded dynamically into a hidden iframe
  • Once the iframe is loaded, grab the canvas where the game will be rendered
  • Create a THREE.CanvasTexture with the previous canvas and use it to map an object in the 3D scene.
  • On each frame: