HTML5, javascript, canvas

HTML5 Remake of the Windows CE 3210 game

HTML5 remake of the windows ce game 3210. It uses HTML5 Canvas and features touch events to let you play it on mobile devices.

How to play

You can play the game on the browser or on a firefoxOS compatible device

You need to throw the ball and hit the others to make them explode. Each ball starts with 3 points counter, it will decrease on each hit making the ball disappear when it reach 0. You must be careful not to get the ball below the line over the tank or you'll lose the game.

Apart from the normal ball there're special items to make it funnier:

|Normal ball |Increase by 1 the number of the ball it hits||Decrease by half the radius of the ball it hits |Divide the ball into two||Stick to the ball it hits without bouncing |Explode the ball it hits it doesn't matter it value||Explode every ball it hits without bouncing

Sample play